AGM for Texas House District 95

a Christian Candidate

Text Box: FW Community 

Fort Worth is a community of friendly people from diverse backgrounds, and itís my hometown.  Iím a white man living in East Fort Worth.  I drive these streets, shop these stores, eat in these restaurants, and everywhere I go, we are polite to each other!  We hold doors open for each other, we strike up conversations with complete strangers, and we even brake for each other in traffic, without regard to race. 

Simply spend an evening in our top-ranked downtown (#1 in 2014) and youíll see persons of all persuasions enjoying life together without fear.  These days, Fort Worth is colorblind. 

But thatís us who are lucky enough to have been here a while.  My concern is paid agitators from outside our borders who come here under the pretense of being investigators, or civil rights organizers, or by means of some other Trojan horse.  There are groups that thrive on conflict as a means of lining their pockets while accomplishing their selfish goals during times of strife. 

Then there are the known enemies of USA that bo allowed to invade our country.  They were not raised in Christian homes knowing the love of Jesus, but instead were groomed since birth as terrorists following the hate of satan.  They did not come here to contribute to our peaceful society. 

But we are not easily deceived.  I remember one particular weekend, in the early 1960ís, when race riots and looting were expected in major cities.  Community leaders nationwide were worried, and we were worried here in Fort Worth. 

The fateful day arrived.  It was a Saturday and while that morning did seem eerily quiet, my dad was still concerned about his office downtown.  Local radio and television stations were running regular broadcast, leading us to think it was safe, so we loaded up in the station wagon and went downtown. 

Back then, Saturdays in downtown Fort Worth were vibrant, with movie theatres, places to eat, and department stores like Leonardís, Monnigís, The Fair, Striplingís and Coxís.  But on this particular Saturday, downtown Fort Worth was deserted.  Nobody was walking the sidewalks.  Fort Worth residents wisely stayed home, and we did not burn down our town that weekend. 

But that was then.  While most Fort Worth residents are still peace-loving law-abiding citizens who know how to avoid trouble, I am worried about these younger generations who have grown up watching movies that idolize crime and violence.  In spite of living in the most blessed nation in history, theyíve been told all their lives that theyíve been unfairly victimized.  Crowd mentality has no common sense, and all it will take is a few agitators to incite a crowd to violence, causing needless death and destruction. 

We need to be discussing how to keep tragic events from escalating.  Like fire drills, where we practice how to remain calm and move out of harmís way, we need to be talking about how to stay out of trouble and obey our law enforcement officers when situations arise.  We need police officers to teach all of us what to do when a law enforcement officer gives instructions.  Our schools should be teaching students how to remain calm, stay out of trouble and cooperate with law enforcement. 

Preparation now will help us avoid chaos later if disaster strikes Fort Worth.  Now, more than ever, it is important that we come together as a community and treat each other with respect. 

Albert G. McDaniel
Text Box: July 8, 2016  
Our hearts and prayers go out to all victims of the needless violence that occurred in Dallas yesterday.  
A few deranged individuals murdered our friends and neighbors in a failed attempt to divide us.  While most of those caught up in the mayhem conducted themselves honorable, some did not. 
Leaders need to rise to the challenge so we are prepared for the next act of terrorism.   Please read my comments below.    -agm

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