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Ignorant Voters Doom SE FW to Remain Slums


Voters of Texas House District 95 have always chosen the Democratic candidate for their State Representative.  Sadly, their blind loyalty has contributed to the decline of these once prosperous neighborhoods.  The parts of town known as Poly, Stop Six, Forest Hill, Everman and Edgecliff Village have never elected a Republican into any office, and are steadily declining.


The overwhelming mandate of the 2016 Republican sweep proves how out-of-touch and uninformed these voters are.  They turned out en masse to support their losers, driving yet another nail solidly in the coffin that is SE FW.  This tiny spot of dark blue is lost in the reddest county in the reddest state in a nation of red.


In her article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Anna Tinsley stated that these are “some of Fort Worth’s neediest neighborhoods.”  Of course there is a correlation.  With this level of blind ignorance, businesses, Republicans and especially the democrats will continue to ignore these forgotten neighborhoods.


For decades, residents of SE FW have been lied to and deceived.  They’ve been told all their lives that Republicans are evil white men who hate them and want to keep them in poverty and even kill them.

We know that exactly the opposite is true; it is the Democrats who benefit from keeping people down while Republicans strive to lift everyone up to be better educated and more prosperous.  Higher education and better jobs lead to greater self-respect and improved quality of life.


As regards killing, the record is quite clear that Republicans are the ones trying to stop the abortion babies.  In HD-95, it is the very Demoncrats they elected who wear bloody-red tennis shoes while fighting in our Texas State Capitol

to expand circumstances by which their babies can be legally murdered,

at least by man’s law.

Text Box: How will you answer 
God Almighty?

Text Box: The incumbent, Nicole Collier, supports the murder of black babies, which offends Jesus.  Do not be drawn into her sin by association. 
Do not vote for against the will of YHVH. 
 Text Box: This is the greatest risk 
of all.

How will you answer God Almighty when He asks you why you supported candidates who murdered His babies?  The Bible makes it clear that He will not tolerate the sacrifice of His babies. 

Search “sacrifice of babies in Bible” or “Molech” if you don’t know.


Not all of HD-95 is deceived.  Some neighborhoods, and downtown Fort Worth, are prosperous and do support Republican candidates.  While there are Republican Clubs that meet downtown, their members mostly live in other districts, and their activities have a broader scope.

There is not even 1 single Republican-affiliated group in HD-95 that is dedicated to serving the residents of Texas House District 95.  This means that I have no support from within my district.

According to data available 2 years ago, HD-95 was made up of 17% Republicans, 55% Democrats and 44% unidentified.  Things have changed during the past 2 years.

I believe Texas House District 95 is winnable this year, but I need your help.


I need volunteers, and I need donations.


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Thank you!  Together we can Prosper.

Albert G. McDaniel, P.E.

Tiny dark blue speck

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