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Text Box: My response to President Trump concerning Asset Forfeiture

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Text Box:  
Republicans, don’t blow it again 

Copy / Paste / Re-write & improve, then send to your elected REPRESENTATIVES.  You know; those mere humans who are sworn to serve YOU. 

Dear lawmaker, 

Republicans will soon control the Executive branch and both houses of Congress.  For Republicans, opportunities like this are rare, and, unfortunately, are always wasted by timid Republicans who don’t know how to lead. 
The 109th Congress (2005-2006), under George W. Bush as President, Dennis Hastert as Speaker of the House and Ted Stevens as Senate President pro tem was wasted by scared, foolish, naïve Republicans who insisted upon “reaching across the aisle” to hand authority back to the enemy. 
I do not donate my time and efforts to elect Republicans to have them befriend those we worked to defeat.  I expect lawmakers who were elected as conservative Christians to implement our agenda posthaste without regard for the failed philosophies of the other side. 
Now you are being given another chance.  Don’t blow it over petty infighting or you will AGAIN hand control back to the enemy. 
True, Red-Blooded Americans delivered a resounding message to you on Nov 8th.  We are sick of being betrayed BY YOU, Mister Lawmaker.  We won’t tolerate you spineless politicians bowing to the special interests of every traitor.  You will ignore US no longer.  We want our voices heard and we want our USA restored. 
We are demanding that you confirm every nominee President-Elect Donald Trump selects.  Mr. Trump has our support, and we expect him to have yours. 

Real American 
December 2016 

Text Box: 2/9/17

Mr. President - Please stop making stupid flippant comments, especially when you do not know the facts.  In this case, Sheriff Eavenson is on the wrong side of the argument.
"We've got a state senator in Texas that was talking about introducing legislation that would require conviction before we could receive that forfeiture money," Eavenson said.
"Can you believe that?" Trump added. 
Well, yeah, I can believe that.  In fact, it is abhorrent to do otherwise.  
The practice known as Asset Forfeiture is wrong.  There have always been crooked cops and those who will use obscure laws to overreach authority.  It is wrong for any law officer to confiscated property without legal justification which cannot happen without a proper hearing.  $41,500,000 going to local law enforcement annually from forfeitures is plenty of incentive for crooked sheriffs to abuse the practice.
You are President.  Your job is to REPRESENT the interests of ALL citizens and to uphold the Constitution.  Where in the Constitution does it give law enforcement the right to seize personal property without due cause?
You owe this Senator in Texas an apology, whoever he or she is.   –agm